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Environmental Values Volume 10, 2001

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Vol.10, No.1, February 2001

Distributive Justice in International Environmental Policy: Axiomatic Foundation and Exemplary Formulation Carsten Helm and Udo. E. Simonis

Re-enchanting Conservation Work: Reflections on the Australian Experience Martin Mulligan

How to Prepare for the Unknown? On the Significance of Future Generations and Future Studies in Environmental Policy Jan J. Boersema

Lost for Words? Gadamer and Benjamin on the Nature of Language and the 'Language' of Nature Mick Smith

What Silence Knows - Planning, Public Participation and Environmental Values Anna Davies

Why the Naive Argument against Moral Vegetarianism Really is Naive David Benatar

Non-Humean Holism, Un-Humean Holism Y.S. Lo

Vol.10, No.2, May 2001

Postmodernism, Value and Objectivity Robin Attfield

Strangers in a Strange Land: The Problem of Exotic Species Mark Woods and Paul Veatch Moriarty

Exotic Species, Naturalisation, and Biological Nativism Ned Hettinger

The Indifference Curve, Motivation, and Morality in Contingent Valuation Rob Hart and Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

Intrinsic Value and Care: Making Connections through Ecological Narratives Christopher J. Preston

Vol.10, No.3, August 2001

Editorial: Global Governance and Sustainable Development Udo E. Simonis

Environmental Security and the Recombinant Human: Sustainability in the Twenty-first Century Michael Redclift

Global Partnership, Climate Change and Complex Equality Finn Arler

In Search of Value Literacy: Suggestions for the Elicitation of Environmental Values Theresa Satterfield

Economics, Entropy and the Long Term Future: Conceptual Foundations and the Perspective of the Economics of Survival Charles C. Mueller

The Morality of Ecosabotage Thomas Young

Evaluating Callicott's Attack on Stone's Moral Pluralism Darren Domsky

Vol.10, No.4, November 2001

Can We Harm Future People? Alan Carter

A Green Fist in a Velvet Glove: The Ecological State and Sustainable Development Lennart J. Lundqvist

Environmental Values and Adaptive Management Bryan G. Norton and Anne C. Steinemann

Insuring the Future Tony Lynch and David Wells

A Humean Argument for the Land Ethic? Y.S. Lo

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