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Environmental Values Volume 12, 2003

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Vol.12, No.1, February 2003

Aesthetic Appreciation in the Artworld and in the Natural World David E.W. Fenner

The Role of NGOs in Environmental Policy Failures in a Developing Country: The Mismanagement of Jamaica's Coral ReefsMichael Haley and Anthony Clayton

Values, Advocacy and Conservation Biology Jay Odenbaugh

Talking about the Birds and the Bees: Biodiversity Claims Making at the Local Level Carol Morris and Amanda Wragg

Is Singer's Ethics Speciesist? Roger Fjellstrom

Aquaphobia, Tulipmania, Biophilia: A Moral Geography of the Dutch Landscape Hub Zwart

Vol.12, No.2, May 2003
Special issue: Environment, Policy and Participation

Participation and Environmental Governance: Consensus, Ambivalence and Debate. Harriet Bulkeley and Arthur P.J. Mol

Environment and Participation in a Context of Political Modernisation.Jan P.M. van Tatenhove and Pieter Leroy

Environmental Organisations in New Forms of Political Participation: Ecological Modernisation and the Making of Voluntary Rules. Magnus Bostrom

Uncertainty and Participatory Democracy. Luigi Pellizzoni

In Truth We Trust: Discourse, Phenomenology, and the Social Relations of Knowledge in an Environmental Dispute. Michael S. Carolan and Michael M. Bell

Participatory Modelling and the Local Governance of the Politics of UK Air Pollution: A Three-City Case Study.Steve Yearley, Steve Cinderby, John Forrester, Peter Bailey and Paul Rosen

Vol.12, No.3, August 2003

Ethical Obligations in a Tragedy of the Commons. Baylor L. Johnson

Sustainability and the 'Struggle for Existence': The Critical Role of Metaphor in Society's Metabolism.Tim Jackson

Intrinsic Value: A Modern Albatross for the Ecological Approach. Bruce Morito

Re-Thinking Nature: Towards an Eco-Pluralism. Patrick Curry

What's In a Name? Pragmatism, Essentialism, and Environmental Ethics. Mark A. Michael

Integrating Multiple Knowledge Systems into Environmental Decision-making: Two Case Studies of Participatory Biodiversity Initiatives in Canada and their Implications for Conceptions of Education and Public Involvement.Elin Kelsey

Vol.12, No.4, November 2003

Artefacts and Living Artefacts. Helena Siipi

What Does 'Natural Capital' Do? The Role of Metaphor in Economic Understanding of the Environment.Maria Akerman

Cows are Better than Condos, or How Economists Help Solve Environmental Problems. Mark Sagoff

Future Generations and Environmental Ethics. Lawrence E. Johnson

Can Environmental Ethics 'Solve' Environmental Problems and Save the World? Yes, but First We Must Recognise the Essential Normative Nature of Environmental Problems. Joel J. Kassiola

Re-negotiating Science in Environmentalists' Submissions to New Zealand's Royal Commission on Genetic Modification.Tee Rogers-Hayden and John R. Campbell

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