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Environmental Values Volume 14, 2005

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Vol.14, No.1, February 2005

Not Out of the Woods: Preserving the Human in Environmental Architecture. Andrew Light and Aurora Wallace

Are We at War with Nature?Derek D. Turner

Environmental Philosophy and the Public Interest: A Pragmatic Reconciliation. Ben A. Minteer

Reconciling Realism and Constructivism in Environmental Ethics. Richard J. Evanoff

Industrial Ecology for Sustainable Development: Six Controversies in Theory Building. Jouni Korhonen

Re-framing Flood Control in England and Wales. J. Ivan Scrase and William R. Sheate

Vol.14, No.2, May 2005

Citizens, Denizens and the Res Publica: Environmental Ethics, Structures of Feeling and Political Expression. Mick Smith

Learning in Sustainable Agriculture: Food Miles and Missing ObjectsAlastair Iles

Capital Substitutability and Weak Sustainability Revisited: The Conditions for Capital Substitution in the Presence of Risk. Frank Figge

Does 'Restoration' Necessarily Imply the Domination of Nature?. Donna Ladkin

Conflicting Perspectives on Water in a Swedish Railway Tunnel Project. Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist

The Values of Ecologists. Alexander K. Lautensach

Care for the Wild: An Integrative View on Wild and Domesticated Animals. Jac A.A. Swart

Reproductive Liberty and Overpopulation: Reply to Stanley Warner. Carol A. Kates

Vol.14, No.3, August 2005
Special Issue: Nature and Continental Philosophy

Introduction: Nature, Environmental Ethics, and Continental Philosophy. Alison Stone

'The World Must be Romanticised ...': The (Environmental) Ethical Implications of Schelling's Organic Worldview.Elaine P. Miller

Wildness as a Critical Border Concept: Nietzsche and the Debate on Wilderness Restoration. Martin Drenthen

Heidegger on Nature. David E. Cooper

Can Merleau-Ponty's Notion of 'Flesh' Inform or even Transform Environmental Thinking?. Isis Brook

Disciplining Nature: The Homogenising and Constraining Forces of Anti-Markets on the Food System. Michael S. Carolan

Nature Connoisseurship. Allan Greenbaum

Vol.14, No.4, November 2005

The Commons, Game Theory, and Aspects of Human Nature that May Allow Conservation of Global Resources. Walter K. Dodds

Ecological Restoration, Environmentalism and the Dutch Politics of 'New Nature'.Hein-Anton van der Heijden

Economic Stratification and Environmental Management: A Case Study of the New York City Catskill/Delaware Watershed. Joan Hoffman

Different Perspectives on Cross-Compliance. Stefan Mann

Justice for the Environment: Developing a Set of Indicators of Environmental Justice for Scotland. Helan Todd and Christos Zografos

Can We Be 'Friends of the Earth'? . Richard Shearman

Unprojected Value, Unfathomed Caves and Unspent Nature: Reply to an Editorial. Robin Attfield

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