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Environmental Values Volume 15, 2006

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Vol.15, No.1, February 2006

Editorial. Emily Brady

Realms of Value: Conflicting Natural Resource Values and Incommensurability. Sarah Fleisher Trainor

Natura economica in Environmental ValuationKatrine Soma

Naturalism and Environmentalism: A Reply to Hinchman. Brian H. Baxter

On the Moral Considerability of Homo sapiens and Other Species. Ronald Sandler and Judith Crane

Buddhism and the Ethics of Species Conservation. Simon P. James

The Aesthetic Significance of Nature's Otherness. Marianne O'Brien

Vol.15, No.2, May 2006

Divide et impera?. Andrew and Alison Johnson

The Silence of Nature. Steven Vogel

'Playing God' and 'Vexing Nature': A Cultural Perspective.Georgiana Kirkham

Thinking through Botanic Gardens. Thomas Heyd

Monkeywrenching, Perverse Incentives and Ecodefence. Derek D. Turner

Risk, Trust and 'The Beyond' of the Environment: A Brief Look at the Recent Case of Mad Cow Disease in the United States. Michael S. Carolan

Vol.15, No.3, August 2006
Perspectives on Environmental Values: The Princeton Workshop

Editorial. Environmental Values in the USA Today. Clive L. Spash

The View From Princeton: American Perspectives on Environmental Values. Dale Jamieson

Aesthetics in Practice: Valuing the Natural World. Emily Brady

Thoreau's Aesthetics and 'The Domain of the Superlative'.Dana Phillips

Caring for Nature: What Science and Economics Can't Teach Us but Religion Can. Holmes Rolston, III

Response to Brady, Phillips and Rolston. Susan Stewart

Environmentalism, a Secular Faith. Thomas R. Dunlap

Finding Value in Nature. Thomas Hill Jr.

Natural Subjects: Nature and Political CommunityKimberly K. Smith

Environmentalism: Spiritual, Ethical, Political. Michael Smith

Values in the Economics of Climate Change. Michael Toman

Climate Change Discussions in Washington: A Matter of Contending Perspectives. Michael C. MacCracken

A Perfect Moral Storm: Climate Change, Intergenerational Ethics and the Problem of Moral Corruption. Stephen M. Gardiner

Ethics and Climate Change: A Commentary on MacCracken, Toman and Gardiner.Peter Singer

Vol.15, No.4, November 2006

Editorial. Unstable Cliffs. Alan Holland

Global and Ecological Justice: Prioritising Conflicting Demands. Marcel Wissenburg

Biosecurity and Insecurity: The Interaction between Policy and Ritual During the Foot and Mouth Crisis. Brigitte Nerlich and Nick Wright

Ecological Restoration Restored.Robert L. Chapman

Gender, Values and Power in Local Environmental Conflicts: The Case of Grassroots Organisations in North Catalonia. Mercè Agüera-Cabo

Representations of Tropical Forests and Tropical Forest-Dwellers in Travel Accounts of National Geographic. Anja Nygren

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