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Environmental Values Volume 16, 2007

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Vol.16, No.1, February 2007

Editorial. Isis Brook

Darwinian Humanism: A Proposal for Environmental Philosophy. Robert Kirkman

Darwinism and Human Dignity.Ben Dixon

Political Perception and Ensemble of Macro Objectives and Measures: The Paradox of the Index for Sustainable Economic Welfare. Rafael Ziegler

The Project Tiger Crisis in India: Moving Away from the Policy and Economics of Selectivity. A. Damodaran

Scientists' Perspectives on the Deliberate Release of GM Crops. Valborg Kvakkestad, Frøydis Gillund, Kamilla Anette Kjølberg and Arild Vatn

Cultivating Carrots and Community: Local Organic Food and Sustainable Consumption. Gill Seyfang

Vol.16, No.2, May 2007

Editorial. Clive L. Spash

An Inquiry Concerning the Acceptance of Intrinsic Value Theories of Nature. W.F. Butler and T.G. Acott

Anthropocentrism vs. Nonanthropocentrism: Why Should We Care?.Katie McShane

Exchange Relationships and the Environment: The Acceptability of Compensation in the Siting of Waste Disposal Facilities. Edmundo Claro

Contingent Valuation: Comparing Participant Performance in Group-Based Approaches and Personal Interviews. Nele Lienhoop and Douglas C. MacMillan

An Imaginary Solution? The Green Defence of Deliberative Democracy. Manuel Arias-Maldonado

Territorial Equity and Sustainable Development. Bertrand Zuindeau

Vol.16, No.3, August 2007

Editorial. Emily Brady

ISEW. The 'Debunking' Interpretation and the Person-in-Community Paradox: Comment on Rafael Ziegler. Herman E. Daly and John B. Cobb, Jr.

Tensions and Dilemmas of Ecotopianism.David Pepper

The Troubled Marriage of Deep Ecology and Bioregionalism. Stewart Davidson

What We Owe the Romantics. Lewis P. Hinchman and Sandra K. Hinchman

Are There Any Environmental Rights? Aaron Lercher

A Comparative Analysis of the Vision and Mission Statements of International Environmental Organisations. Claudio Campagna and Teresita Fernandez

Vol.16, No.4, November 2007

Editorial. John O'Neill

Technology and Epistemology: Environmental Mentalities and Urban Water Usage. Nicole Stuart

The Ways That Nature Matters: The World and the Earth in the Thought of Hannah Arendt.Anne Chapman

Against Holism:Rethinking Buddhist Environmental Ethics. Simon P. James

Environmentalism in Ireland: Ecological Modernisation versus Populist Rural Sentiment. Liam Leonard

Local Deliberation and the Favouring of Nature. Ivan Zwart

Dominating Nature. Jason Brennan

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