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Environmental Values Volume 17, 2008

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Vol.17, No.1, February 2008

Editorial. Isis Brook

Convergence, Noninstrumental Value and the Semantics of 'Love': Comment on McShane. Bryan G. Norton

Convergence, Noninstrumental Value and the Semantics of 'Love': Reply to Norton.Katie McShane

Synthetic Biology: Drawing a Line in Darwin's Sand. Christopher J. Preston

Thinking from Within the Calyx of Nature. Freya Mathews

The Multidimensionality of Environmental Problems: The GMO Controversy and the Limits of Scientific Materialism. Michael S. Carolan

Rethinking Nature: Public Visions in the Netherlands. Riyan J.G. van den Born

Vol.17, No.2, May 2008
Special issue in honour of Alan Holland

Editorial: A Worthwhile Academic Life. Clive L. Spash

Happiness and the Good Life. John O'Neill

Do Meaningful Relationships with Nature Contribute to a Worthwhile Life?Dan Firth

Animal Suffering: An Evolutionary Approach. Gill Aitken

The Rights of Animals and the Demands of Nature. Dale Jamieson

Environmental Values and Human Purposes. Ted Benton

Aesthetic and Other Values in the Rural Landscape. John Benson

On the Economic Value of Ecosystem Services. Mark Sagoff

How Much is that Ecosystem in the Window? The One with the Bio-diverse Trail. Clive L. Spash

Nature (and Politics). Andrew Dobson

Environmental Values: An Appreciation. Bryan G. Norton

Alan Holland - Publications. Clive L. Spash

Vol.17, No.3, August 2008

Editorial: Without FinalityJohn O'Neill

Vale Val: In Memory of Val Plumwood. Freya Mathews

Tasteless: Towards a Food-Based Approach to Death.Val Plumwood

Listening to the Birds: A Pragmatic Proposal for Forestry. Nicole Klenk

Native Species, Human Communities and Cultural Relationships. Paul Knights

Intrinsic Value and the Genetic Engineering of Animals. R.B.M. deVries

Counting Species: Biopower and the Global Biodiversity Census. R. Youatt

Vol.17, No.4, November 2008

Editorial: Towards Polyvocal Environmental DebatesJouni Paavola

Why Worry About Climate Change? A Research Agenda. Richard S.J. Tol

Wrongful Harm to Future Generations: The Case of Climate Change.Marc D. Davidson

To Value Functions or Services? An Analysis of Ecosystem Valuation Approaches. Erik Ansink, Lars Heim and Knut Per Hasund

Does the Idea of Wilderness Need a Defence?. Paul M. Keeling

Non-Market Coordination: Towards an Ecological Response to Austrian Economics. Dan Greenwood

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