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Environmental Values Volume 18, 2009

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Vol.18, No.1, February 2009

Editorial: Animal Relations Emily Brady

The Moral Worth of Creatures: Neo-Classical Metaphysics and the Value Theories of Rolston and Callicott. Francisco Benzoni

Phenomenology and the Problem of Animal Minds.Simon P. James

The Argument from Marginal Cases and the Slippery Slope Objection. Julia K. Tanner

Hunting as a Moral Good. Lawrence Cahoone

Reflexive Water Management in Arid Regions: The Case of Iran. Mohammad Reza Balali , Jozef Keulartz and Michiel Korthals

Vol.18, No.2, May 2009

Editorial: Turning Up the Heat on Climate Change: Are Transition Towns an Answer? Isis Brook

A Critical Assessment of Public Consultations on GMOs in the European Union. Marko Ahteensuu and Helena Siipi

Evaluating the 'Ethical Matrix' as a Radioactive Waste Management Deliberative Decision-Support Tool.Matthew Cotton

Environmental Policy With Integrity: A Lesson from the Discursive Dilemma. Kenneth Shockley

The Value of Health in the Writings of H.D. Thoreau. Antonio Casada da Rocha

Darwinian Humanism and the End of Nature. Robert Kirkman

Vol.18, No.3, August 2009

Editorial: The New Environmental Pragmatists, Pluralism and Sustainability Clive L. Spash

Value Theory in Ecological Economics: The Contribution of a Political Economy of Wealth. Ali Douai

Ecological Restoration and Place Attachment: Emplacing Non-Places?.Martin Drenthen

Environmental Politics and Place Authenticity Protection. Chiara Certoma

Goodwill Toward Nature. Christopher Freiman

World Poverty, Animal Minds and the Ethics of Veterinary Expenditure. John Hadley and Siobhan O'Sullivan

Vol.18, No.4, November 2009

Editorial: A New Deal on Climate Change in Copenhagen? Jouni Paavola

Remediation and Respect: Do Remediation Technologies Alter Our Responsibility?. Benjamin Hale and W.P. Grundy

Ecosystem Services and Sacred Natural Sites: Reconciling Material and Non-material Values in Nature Conservation.Shonil A. Bhagwat

Visions of Nature in Eastern Europe: A Polish Example. Agnieszka D. Hunka, Wouter T. de Groot and Adam Biela

Was Aldo Leopold a Pragmatist? Rescuing Leopold from the Imagination of Bryan Norton. J. Baird Callicott, William Grove-Fanning, Jennifer Rowland, Daniel Baskind, Robert Heath French and Kerry Walker

Darwin and Wallace as Environmental Philosophers. Ted Benton

Darwin and the Meaning in Life. Alan Holland

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