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Environmental Values Volume 19, 2010

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Vol.19, No.1, February 2010

Obituary: The Death of the Philosopher King and the Crisis of our Time. Nina Witoszek

The Challenge of Scientific Uncertainty and Disunity in Risk Assessment and Management of GM Crops. Anne Ingeborg Myhr

Virtual Water Trade, Sustainability and Territorial Equity across Phases of Globalisation in India. Maniklal Adhikary and Samrat Chowdhury

De-Domestication: Ethics at the Intersection of Landscape Restoration and Animal Welfare. Christian Gamborg, Bart Gremmen, Stine B. Christiansen and Peter Sandøe

Animal Ethics and the Argument from Absurdity. Elisa Aaltola

A Values-Based Framework for Community Food Choices. Nicole Gregory and Robin Gregory

Vol.19, No.2, May 2010

Editorial: Censoring Science in Research Officially. Clive L. Spash

Reframing Individual Responsibility for Sustainable Consumption: Lessons from Environmental Justice and Ecological Citizenship. Lucie Middlemiss

Morality and Climate Change: Is Leaving your TV on Standby a Risky Behaviour? Catherine Butler

Person-Affecting Moral Theory, Non-Identity and Future People. Robert Huseby

Wilderness as the Place between Philosophy and Theology: Questioning Martin Drenthen on the Otherness of Nature. Forrest Clingerman

Journeying between Home and Nature: A Geo-Phenomenological Exploration and its Insights for Learning. Ruyu Hung

Vol.19, No.3, August 2010

Special Issue: Environmental Aesthetics

Editorial: Ronald Hepburn and the humanising of Environmental Aesthetics. Isis Brook

The Aesthetics of Sky and Space. Ronald W. Hepburn

Contemporary Environmental Aesthetics and the Requirements of Environmentalism. Allen Carlson

Feminist Aesthetics and the Neglect of Natural Beauty. Sheila Lintott

Reconsidering Scenic Beauty. Arnold Berleant

Contemporary Art and Environmental Aesthetics. Samantha Clark

Future Directions for Environmental Aesthetics. Yuriko Saito

From Theoretical to Applied Environmental Aesthetics: Academic Aesthetics Meets Real-World Demands. Yrjö Sepänmaa

Vol.19, No.4, November 2010

Editorial: Lessons Learned. Katie McShane

'Climategate': Paradoxical Metaphors and Political Paralysis. Brigitte Nerlich

Climate, Collective Action and Individual Ethical Obligations. Marion Hourdequin

Exploring African Holism with Respect to the Environment. Kevin Behrens

Greening our Future and Environmental Values: An Investigation of Perception, Attitudes and Awareness of Environmental issues in Zambia. Mweemba Liberty and Wu Hongjuan

Reasons and Values in Environmental Ethics. Lars Samuelsson

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