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Environmental Values Volume 2, 1993

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Vol.2, No.1

Sustainable Development: Needs, Values, Rights. Michael Redclift

Sylvan, Fox and Deep Ecology: A View from the Continental Shelf. Robin Attfield

On Economization and Ecologization as Civilizing Processes. C. Schmidt

A Rhetorical Critique of 'Nonmarket' Economic Valuations for Natural Resources. Markus J. Peterson and Tarla Rai Peterson

Beautiful Action. Its Function in the Ecological Crisis. Arne Naess

Vol.2, No.2

Distributional Obstacles to International Environmental Policy: The Failures at Rio and Prospects after Rio. J. Martinez-Alier

The Ethics of Environmental Holism and the Democratic State: Are they in Conflict? Laura Westra

Ethics and Values in Environmental Policy: The Said and the UNCED Paul P. Craig, Harold Glasser and Willett Kempton

Women, Shelter and the Environment. Filomina Chioma Steady

Vol.2, No.3

Cabbages and Kings: The Ethics and Aesthetics of New Forestry Alan G. MacQuillan

Artefacts and Functions: A Note on the Value of Nature Eric Katz

Economics, Sustainable Growth, and Community. Kelly Parker

The Emperor's Old Clothes: The Curious Comeback of Cost-benefit Analysis John Adams

Redefining the Good Life in a Sustainable Society Lester W. Milbrath

Vol.2, No.4

Beyond The Struggle For Proof: Factors Changing The Environmental Movement Chris Rose

Sustainability and Environmental Valuation M.S. Common, R.K. Blamey and T.W. Norton

Human Sentiment and the Future of Wildlife David E. Cooper

Species Equality and the Foundations of Moral Theory James C. Anderson

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