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Environmental Values Volume 20, 2011

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Vol.20, No.1, February 2011

Editorial: Environment Inc. and Panda Logos. Mark Whitehead

What Leopold Learned from Darwin and Hadley: Comment on Callicott et al. Bryan G. Norton

Reply to Norton, re: Aldo Leopold and Pragmatism. J. Baird Callicott, William Grove-Fanning, Jennifer Rowland, Daniel Baskind, Robert Heath French and Kerry Walker

Social Practice and the Evolution of Personal Environmental Values. Sarah Hards

Challenges for NGOs Partnering with Corporations: WWF Netherlands and the Environmental Defense Fund. Mariette van Huijstee, Leo Pollock, Pieter Glasbergen and Pieter Leroy

Climate Change and the Convergence between ENGOs and Business: On the Loss of Utopian Energies. Jonas Anshelm and Anders Hansson

Edward Hyams: Ecology and Politics 'Under the Vine'. Mick Smith

Vol.20, No.2, May 2011

Editorial: Terrible Economics, Ecosystems and Banking. Clive L. Spash

The Possibility of a Joint Communiqué: My Response to Hourdequin. Baylor Johnson

Climate Change and Individual Responsibility: A Reply to Johnson. Marion Hourdequin

Some Early Ethics of Geoengineering the Climate: A Commentary on the Values of the Royal Society Report. Stephen M. Gardiner

'Nature and I are Two': A Critical Examination of the Biophilia Hypothesis. Yannick Joye and Andreas de Block

What Lies Beneath the Surface? A Case Study of Citizens' Moral Reasoning with Regard to Biodiversity. Maria Ojala and Rolf Lidskog

Valuation Contests over the Commoditisation of the Moabi Tree in South-Eastern Cameroon. Sandra Veuthey and Jean-François Gerber

Mercy as an Environmental Virtue. Matt Ferkany

Vol.20, No.3, August 2011

Editorial: To Act or Not to Act?Katie McShane

Reply to Holland ... The Meaning of Life and Darwinism. John Cottingham

Darwin, Meaning and Value. Robin Attfield

What Do We Do about Bleakness? Alan Holland

Ethical Extensionism under Uncertainty of Sentience: Duties to Non-Human Organisms without Drawing a Line. Kai M.A. Chan

Towards a Multidimensional, Environmentalist Ethic. Alan Carter

The Map of Moral Significance: A New Axiological Matrix for Environmental Ethics. Barbara Muraca

Why Do Young People Participate in Environmental Political Action? Riikaka Paloniemi and Annukka Vainio

Gaining Legitimacy and Losing Trust: Stakeholder Participation in Ecological Risk Assessment for Marine Protected Area Management. Raphael Treffny and Ruth Beilin

Vol.20, No.4, November 2011

Editorial: Building on the Past, Creating a FutureIsis Brook

Re-Thinking the Unthinkable: Environmental Ethics and the Presumptive Argument Against Geoengineering Christopher J. Preston

Home Economics: Planting the Seeds of a Research Agenda for the Bioregional Economy Molly Scott Cato

Disagreement and Responses to Climate Change Graham Long

Conservation of Adaptive Self-Construction: A Flux-Centred Solution to the Paradox of Nature Preservation. Matthew F. Child

Confucian Role-Based Ethics and Strong Environmental Ethics. Anh Tuan Nuyen

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