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Environmental Values Volume 21, 2012

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Vol.21, No.1, February 2012

Special Issue: Artificial Life

Editorial: The Ethics of Engineering. John O’Neill

The Moral Staus of Artificial Life. Bernard Baertschi

Synthetic Biology and the Distinction between Organisms and Machines. Marianne Schark

The Value of Artefactual Organisms. Ronald Sandler

The Moral Impact of Synthesising Living Organisms: Biocentric Views on Synthetic Biology. Anna Deplazes-Zemp

Biocentrism and Artificial Life. Robin Attfield

Vol.21, No.2, May 2012

Editorial: Green Economy, Red Herring. Clive L. Spash

The Half-Cultivated Citizen: Thoreau at the Nexus of Republicanism and Environmentalism. Peter F. Cannavò

Compassion, Geography and the Question of the Animal. Julie Matthews

The Positioned Construction of Water Values: Pluralism, Positionality and Praxis. Antonio A.R. Ioris

Traumatic Natures of the Swamp: Concepts of Nature in the Romanian Danube Delta. Kristof van Assche, Sandra Bell and Petruta Tempau

The Controversy over GM Canola in Australia as an Ontological Politics. Rosemary Robins

Justifiability of Littering: An Empirical Investigation. Benno Torgler, María A. García-Valiñas and Alison Macintyre

Vol.21, No.3, August 2012

Editorial: Conservation and 'Nature+'. Mark Whitehead

Indigenous Peoples' Participation in Global Conservation: Looking beyond Headdresses and Face Paint. Nels Paulson, Ann Laudati, Amity Doolittle, Meredith Welch-Devine and Pablo Pena

Diverse Ecological, Economic and Socio-Cultural Values of a Traditional Common Natural Resource Management System in the Moroccan High Atlas: The Aït Ikiss Tagdalts. Pablo Dominguez, Alain Bourbouze, Sébastien Demay, Didier Genin and Nicolas Kosoy

A Defence of Environmental Stewardship. Jennifer Welchman

Enriching the Lives of Wild Horses: Designing Opportunities for Them to Flourish. Christine M. Reed

The Relationship between Intragenerational and Intergenerational Ecological Justice. Stefanie Glotzbach and Stefan Baumgärtner

Contestations Over Biodiversity Protection: Considering Peircean Semiosis. Juha Hiedanpää and Daniel W. Bromley

Vol.21, No.4, November 2012

Editorial: Response and Responsibility. Clive L. Spash

Bystanding and Climate Change. Carol Booth

Bearing the Weight of the World: On the Extent of an Individual’s Environmental Responsibility. Ty Raterman

Meat and Global Warming: Impact Models, Mitigation Approaches and Ethical Aspects. Anders Nordgren

Individual Guilt or Collective Progressive Action? Challenging the Strategic Potential of Environmental Citizenship Theory. Rasmus Karlsson

Partnerships and the Privatisation of Environmental Governance: On Myths, Forces of Nature and Other Inevitabilities. Aysem Mert

Value Typology in Cost-Benefit Analysis. Seth D. Baum

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