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Environmental Values Volume 23, 2014

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Vol.23, No.1, February 2014

Editorial: Seeking Sustainability. Clive L. Spash

Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Philosophical Distinctions and Practical Implications.Donald Charles Hector, Carleton Bruin Christensen and Jim Petrie

Addressing Needs in the Search for Sustainable Development: A Proposal for Needs-Based Scenario Building. Catherine Jolibert, Jouni Paavola and Felix Rauschmeyer

The Geography of Somewhere: The Farmers' Market and Sustainability in Brno, Czech Republic. Benjamin J. Vail

Towards Sustainable Agricultural Stewardship: Evolution and Future Directions of the Permaculture Concept. Jungho Suh

Justice in Building, Building in Justice: The Reconstruction of Intragenerational Equity in Framings of Sustainability in the Eco-Building Movement. Kelvin Mason

Vol.23, No.2, April 2014
Special Issue: Adapting to a Perilous Planet

Editorial: Adapting to a Perilous Planet. Kenneth Shockley and Andrew Light

Climate Change, Adaptation, and Climate-Ready Development Assistance.Andrew Light and Gwynne Taraska

Adaptation As Precaution. Lauren Hartzell-Nichols

Towards a More Grounded and Dynamic Sociology of Climate-Change Adaptation. Martin John Mulligan

Clowning Around with Conservation: Adaptation, Reparation and the New Substitution Problem. Benjamin Hale, Alexander Lee and Adam Hermans

Sourcing Stability in a Time of Climate Change. Kenneth Shockley

Vol.23, No.3, June 2014

Editorial: Price of Everything/Value of Nothing. Mark Whitehead

More or Less Pluralistic? A Typology of Remedial and Alternative Perspectives on the Monetary Valuation of the Environment.Alex Y. Lo

Reframing the Value of Nature: Biological Value and Institutional Homeostasis. Franz W. Gatzweiler

Exploring the Relationship Between Values and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: The Influence of Locus of Control. Anna-Karin Engqvist Jonsson and Andreas Nilsson

Collective Environmental Virtue. David Clowney

Does Environmental Pragmatism Shirk Philosophical Duty?. Christopher H. Pearson

Vol.23, No.4, August 2014

Editorial: Borders and Boundaries. Simon Hailwood

The Nazi Comparison in the Debate over Restoration: Nativism and Domination.Eric Katz

Reconciliation with the River: Analysis of a Concept Emerging from Practice. Rafael Ziegler

The Homeotechnological Turn: Sloterdijk's Response to the Ecological Crisis. Sanne van der Hout

A Historical and Systematic Survey of European Perceptions of Wilderness. Thomas Kirchhoff and Vera Vicenzotti

Rights to Ecosystem Services. Marc D. Davidson

Vol.23, No.5, October 2014

Editorial: Climate Change, Irreversible Change and Changing Perspectives. Claudia Carter

Fracking on YouTube: Exploring Risks, Benefits and Human Values.Rusi Jaspal, Andrew Turner and Brigitte Nerlich

Rhetoric as a Means for Sustainable Development Policy. Gael Plumecocq

Aesthetic Value, Ethics and Climate Change. Emily Brady

Moderate Emissions Grandfathering. Carl Knight

Civil Disobedience, Climate Protests and a Rawlsian Argument for 'Atmospheric' Fairness. Simo Kyllönen

Vol.23, No.6, December 2014

Editorial: Ethical Intuitions, Welfare, and Permaculture. Isis Brook

Should We Move the Whitebark Pine? Assisted Migration, Ethics and Global Environmental Change.Clare Palmer and Brendon M.H. Larson

The Need for Indigenous Voices in Discourse about Introduced Species: Insights from a Controversy over Wild Horses. Jonaki Bhattacharyya and Brendon M.H. Larson

Plants in Ethics: Why Flourishing Deserves Moral Respect. Angela Kallhoff

Alien Invasive Species Management: Stakeholder Perceptions of the Barents Sea King Crab. Jannike Falk-Petersen

The Blind Hens' Challenge: Does It Undermine the View That Only Welfare Matters in Our Dealings with Animals?. Peter Sandøe, Paul M. Hocking, Bjorn Förkman, Kirsty Haldane, Helle H. Kristensen, and Clare Palmer

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