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Environmental Values Volume 26, 2017

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Vol.26, No.1, February 2017

Editorial: A Diversity of Imaginaries. Simon Hailwood

Moral-Material Ontologies of Nature Conservation: Exploring the Discord Between Ecological Restoration and Novel Ecosystems.Mick Lennon

Environmental Aesthetics and Rewilding. Jonathan Prior, Emily Brady

Animal Kingdoms: On Habitat Rights for Wild Animals. Steve Cooke

Are There Infinite Welfare Differences among Living Things?. John Nolt

Relativism, Ambiguity and the Environmental Virtues. Dominic Lenzi

Vol.26, No.2, April 2017

Editorial: Knowledge, Expertise and Engagement. Stewart Barr

People and Planet: Values, Motivations and Formative Influences of Individuals Acting to Mitigate Climate Change.Rachel Howell, Simon Allen

The Problem of Inclusion in Deliberative Environmental Valuation. Andrés Vargas, Alex Lo, Michael Howes, Nicholas Rohde

Acceptance of a Payment for Ecosystem Services Scheme: The Decisive Influence of Collective Action. Jean-Pierre Del Corso, Thi Dieu Phuong Geneviève Nguyen, Charilaos Kephaliacos

Game Theory and the Self-Fulfilling Climate Tragedy. Matthew Kopec

The Relationship between Value Types and Environmental Behaviour in Four Countries: Universalism, Benevolence, Conformity and Biospheric Values Revisited. Tally Katz-Gerro, Itay Greenspan, Femida Handy, Hoon-Young Lee

Vol.26, No.3, June 2017

Editorial: Beyond the Anthropocene: Perspectives on Human-Nature Relations, Old and New. Marion Hourdequin

Value Pluralism and Consistency Maximisation in the Writings of Aldo Leopold: Moving Beyond Callicott's Interpretations of the Land Ethic.Ben Dixon

Phenomenology and Teleology: Hans Jonas's Philosophy of Life. Lewis Coyne

Hundertwasser - Inspiration for Environmental Ethics: Reformulating the Ecological Self. Nir Barak

Nature, Engagement, Empathy: Yijing as a Chinese Ecological Aesthetics. Qi Li, John Ryan

Human-Nature Relationships and Linkages to Environmental Behaviour. Michael Thomas Braito, Kerstin Böck, Courtney Flint, Andreas Muhar, Susanne Muhar, Marianne Penker

Vol.26, No.4, August 2017

Editorial: Environmentalism and Democracy in the Age of Nationalism and Corporate Capitalism. Clive L. Spash

The Green Economy: Pragmatism or Revolution? Perceptions of Young Researchers on Social Ecological Transformation.Dalia D'Amato, Nils Droste, Sander Chan, Anton Hofer

Don't Put All Your Speech-Acts in One Basket: Situating Animal Activism in the Deliberative System. Lucy J. Parry

The Politics of Justification: Newspaper Representations of Environmental Conflict between Fishers and the Oil Industry in Mexico. Liina-Maija Quist, Pia Rinne

Framing a 'Climate Change Frontier': International News Media Coverage Surrounding Natural Resource Development in Greenland. William Davies, Samuel Wright, James Van Alstine

Ableism and Disablism in the UK Environmental Movement. Deborah Fenney

Vol.26, No.5, October 2017

Editorial: Conflict and Resolution. Simon P. James

Governance, Participation and Local Perceptions of Protected Areas: Unwinding Traumatic Nature in the Blouberg Mountain Range.Natasha Louise Constant, Sandra Bell

Speaking About Weeds: Indigenous Elders' Metaphors for Invasive Species and Their Management. Thomas Michael Bach, Brendon M.H. Larson

A Teleological Approach to the Wicked Problem of Managing Utría National Park . Nicolás Acosta García, Katharine N. Farrell, Hannu I. Heikkinen, Simo Sarkki

Representing Non-Human Interests. Alfonso Donoso

Nonhuman Animals as Property Holders: An Exploration of the Lockean Labour-Mixing Account. Josh Milburn

Vol.26, No.6, December 2017

Editorial: Reversing Environmental Degradation: Justice, Fairness, Responsibility and Meaning. Simon Hailwood

Fairness in Allocating the Global Emissions Budget.David R. Morrow

Sharing Responsibility for Divesting from Fossil Fuels. Eric S. Godoy

What is Wrong with Nimbys? Renewable Energy, Landscape Impacts and Incommensurable Values. Anne Schwenkenbecher

Texturing Waste: Attachment and Identity in Every-Day Consumption and Waste Practices. Gareth Thomas, Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Nick Pidgeon

Skewed Vulnerabilities and Moral Corruption in Global Perspectives on Climate Engineering. Wylie Carr, Christopher J. Preston

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