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Environmental Values Volume 27, 2018

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Vol.27, No.1, February 2018

Editorial: Assimilation, Blind Spots and Coproduced Crises. Claudia Carter

The Naturalisation of Growth: Marx, the Regulation Approach and Bourdieu.Max Koch

Widening the Evaluative Space for Ecosystem Services: A Taxonomy of Plural Values and Valuation Methods. Paola Arias-Arévalo, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Berta Martín-López, Mario Pérez-Rincón

Where is Goal 18? The Need for Biocultural Heritage in the Sustainable Development Goals. Alexandria K. Poole

Self-Identity and Sense of Place: Some Thoughts Regarding Climate Change Adaptation Policy Formulation. Charles N. Herrick

Vol.27, No.2, April 2018

Editorial: Varieties of Non-Anthropocentricism: Duty, Beauty, Knowledge and Reality. Marion Hourdequin

Killing in Self-Defence and the Case for Biocentric Individualism.Jake Monaghan

A Duty to Cognitively Enhance Animals. Yasha Rohwer

Are Poplar Plantations Really Beautiful? On Allen Carlson's Aesthetics of Agricultural Landscapes and Environmentalism. Fernando Arribas Herguedas

Reframing Tacit Human-Nature Relations: An Inquiry into Process Philosophy and the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi. Roope Oskari Kaaronen

Vol.27, No.3, June 2018

Editorial: Facing the Truth or Living a Lie: Conformity, Radicalism and Activism. Clive L. Spash

Engaging with Climate Change: Comparing the Cultures of Science and Activism.Paul Hoggett, Rosemary Randall

The Degrowth Spectrum: Convergence and Divergence Within a Diverse and Conflictual Alliance. Dennis Eversberg, Matthias Schmelzer

Ubuntu and Ecofeminism: Value-Building with African and Womanist Voices. Inge Konik

Green Faith? The Role of Faith-Based Actors in Global Sustainable Development Discourse. Katharina Glaab, Doris Fuchs

Vol.27, No.4, August 2018: Rewilding in Cultural Layered Landscapes

Editorial: Rewilding in Cultural Layered Landscapes. Martin Drenthen

The Many Meanings of Rewilding: An Introduction and the Case for a Broad Conceptualisation. Andrea R. Gammon

New Nature in Old Landscapes: Some Dutch Examples of the Relation Between History, Heritage and Ecological Restoration.Hans Renes

Abandoning or Reimagining a Cultural Heartland? Understanding and Responding to Rewilding Conflicts in Wales - the Case of the Cambrian Wildwood. Sophie Wynne-Jones, Graham Strouts, George Holmes

Rewilding in Layered Landscapes as a Challenge to Place Identity. Martin Drenthen

Restoring or Re-storying the Lake District: Applying Responsive Cohesion to a Current Problem Situation. Isis Brook

Vol.27, No.5, October 2018

Editorial: Pathways to Policy and Management: Knowledge, Process and Venue. Norman Dandy

Non-Epistemic Values in Adaptive Management: Framing Possibilities in the Legal Context of Endangered Columbia River Salmon. Shana Lee Hirsch, Jerrold Long

In the Name of Science and Technology: The Post-Political Environmental Debate and the Taranto Steel Plant (Italy). Lidia Greco, Francesco Bagnardi

Unsettling Reconciliation: Decolonial Methods for Transforming Social-Ecological Systems. Esme G. Murdock

Who Should Pay for Climate Adaptation? Public Attitudes and the Financing of Flood Protection in Florida. Samuel Merrill, Jack Kartez, Karen Langbehn, Frank Muller-Karger, Catherine J. Reynolds

Spatial Framing, Existing Associations and Climate Change Beliefs. Adrian Brügger, Nicholas F. Pidgeon

Vol.27, No.6, December 2018

Editorial: Grounding Words and Flights of Imagination. Tom Greaves

In Search of Allies for Postnatural Environmentalism, or Revisiting an Ecophilosophical Reading of Heidegger. Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj

Gratitude to Nature. Tony Manela

How Demanding is Our Climate Duty? An Application of the No-Harm Principle to Individual Emissions. Augustin Fragnière

Ecology, Community and Food Sovereignty: What's in a Word?. Jade Monaghan, Mick Smith

Engaging the Imagination: 'New Nature Writing', Collective Politics and the Environmental Crisis. Kate Oakley, Jonathan Ward, Ian Christie

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