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Environmental Values


Herman Daly, Michael Jacobs, Henryk Skolimowski

Environmental Values 4(1995): 49-70. doi: 10.3197/096327195776679583

The 'Discussion' section of this issue contains the following responses to Wilfred Beckerman's article 'Sustainable Development: Is it a Useful Concept?' Environmental Values 3,3 (1994): 191-209. Herman Daly, 'On Wilfred Beckerman's Critique of Sustainable Development'; Michael Jacobs, 'Sustainable Development, Capital Substitution and Humility: A Response to Beckerman'; and Henryk Skolimowski, 'In Defence of Sustainable Development' . These criticisms are answered by Beckerman in Environmental Values 4,2.

KEYWORDS: Beckerman, sustainable development, weak sustainability, strong sustainability, capital substitution

REFERENCES to other articles in Environmental Values:

'Sustainable Development': Is it a Useful Concept? Wilfred Beckerman

CITATIONS in other Environmental Values articles:

Sustainable Development and Social Justice: Expanding the Rawlsian Framework of Global Justice Oluf Langhelle

What Does 'Natural Capital' Do? The Role of Metaphor in Economic Understanding of the Environment.Maria Akerman

Capital Substitutability and Weak Sustainability Revisited: The Conditions for Capital Substitution in the Presence of Risk. Frank Figge

Political Perception and Ensemble of Macro Objectives and Measures: The Paradox of the Index for Sustainable Economic Welfare. Rafael Ziegler

Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Philosophical Distinctions and Practical Implications.Donald Charles Hector

The Capabilities Approach and Environmental Sustainability: The Case for Functioning Constraints. Wouter Peeters, Jo Dirix and Sigrid Sterckx

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