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Environmental Values Volume 5, 1996

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Vol.5, No.1

The Emperor has no Clothes ... Let us Paint our Loincloths Rainbow: A Classical and Feminist Critique of Contemporary Science Policy. Alastair Macintosh

Two Distinctions in Environmental Goodness. Karen Green

Ruralism or Environmentalism? Avner De-Shalit

Welfare Economic Dogmas: A Reply to Sagoff. Richard Cookson

In Defence of Weak Sustainability: a Response to Beckerman. Salah El Serafy

Beckerman and his Critics on Strong and Weak Sustainability: Confusing Concepts and Conditions. M.S. Common

Vol.5, No.2

The Isle of Harris Superquarry: Concepts of the Environment and Sustainability. Harry Barton

Ecology: Scientific, Deep and Feminist. Markus J. Peterson and Tarla Rai Peterson

Deep Ecology as an Aesthetic Movement. Tony Lynch

Possible Persons and the Problems of Posterity. William Grey

Vol.5, No.3

Landscape and the Metaphysical Imagination. Ronald W. Hepburn

Ecocentrism and Persons. Brian H. Baxter

Facts About Natural Values. Robert Elliot

Strategies of Environmental Organisations in the Netherlands regarding the Ozone Depletion Problem. Ruud Pleune

Nature Conservation and the Precautionary Principle. John M. Francis

Vol.5, No.4

Global Population Growth and the Demise of Nature. Stanley Warner, Mark Feinstein, Raymond Coppinger and Elisabeth Clemence

Approaches to Conserving Vulnerable Wildlife in China: Does the Colour of Cat Matter - if it Catches Mice? Richard B. Harris

A Political-Ecology Approach to Wildlife Conservation in Kenya. John S. Akama, Christopher L. Lant and G. Wesley Burnett

On the Reconciliation of Anthropocentric and Nonanthropocentric Environmental Ethics. Brian K. Steverson

Reconciliation Reaffirmed: A Reply to Steverson. James P. Sterba

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