About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Climates and Cultures in History is a fully Open Access journal addressing the social, cultural, political and economic dimensions of climatic variability in human history around the world.


Peer Review Process

CCH publishes various types of article (see article formats list). The core of the journal is built by its peer reviewed contributions: research articles, review articles, opinion pieces and teaching articles. Papers submitted should be suitable for publication in one of these four formats. Submissions will be screened for suitability by the editor. All potentially publishable papers are then sent to two scholars with appropriate research interests who have agreed to act as referees. The editors acts on the referees' advice in taking the final decision on whether to accept, reject or request modifications by the author(s). This review process is double-blind.


Open Access Licensing

All articles in CCH are published under a Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0



The journal is actively seeking funding to support fee-free open access publishing.


Journal History

The journal is currently in the planning phase with a view to publishing the first issue in 2022.