About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The half-yearly journal Global Environment: A Journal of Transdisciplinary History acts as a forum and echo chamber for ongoing studies on the environment and world history, with special focus on modern and contemporary topics. Our intent is to gather and stimulate scholarship that, despite a diversity of approaches and themes, shares an environmental perspective on world history in its various facets, including economic development, social relations, production government, and international relations.

One of the journal’s main commitments is to bring together different areas of expertise in both the natural and the social sciences to facilitate a common language and a common perspective in the study of history. This commitment is fulfilled by way of peer-reviewed research articles and also by interviews and other special features.

Global Environment strives to transcend the western-centric and ‘developist’ bias that has dominated international environmental historiography so far and to favour the emergence of spatially and culturally diversified points of view. It seeks to replace the notion of ‘hierarchy’ with those of ‘relationship’ and ‘exchange’ – between continents, states, regions, cities, central zones and peripheral areas – in studying the construction or destruction of environments and ecosystems.

Peer Review Process

The refereeing system is the following. The articles are distributed to the whole editors’ mailing list so that each one is able to read them and send his comments. The authors will receive anonymous reviewing. The Editors in Chief pick three readers for each article according to criteria of geographic and research field representativeness: one from the same geographical area discussed in the article, and working in the same field as the author (or as close as possible), the other one or two from different geographical areas and in different fields of study. The final evaluation takes account both of the readers’ opinion and of the opinion of those of the editors who choose to send in their comments.


COVID-19 Statement, March 2020. 
So far our printers, distributors, and online platform are working normally and we hope to keep to our normal publishing timetable. We appreciate that the current extraordinary circumstances are likely to be causing significant extra pressures for our community of authors, peer reviewers and editors. Please be assured that we can be flexible with normal deadlines as long as we are given good notice. We also ask your patience if normal publishing processes (for example peer review times for submitted articles) are delayed. We have always valued personal relationships over blanket policies, so if you have any concerns about the impact of the current situation on your work with The White Horse Press, please contact Sarah: sarah@whpress.co.uk.